Saturday, 11 September 2010

Java Web Exam

For the job interview I had last week, I had do to live actual programming, (this is very rare and I know, I do a lot of interviews). They had a portable PC, loaded with Eclipse, Tomcat, Spring Source, and MySQL. The task in 90 minutes, given an existing (supposed hibernate based) MVC based and Java Standard Template Library using JSP, building a page displaying a summary of recent orders on each day, from the database.

Could you do that?

I failed the test myself. Got the Bean, the data access class (turned out not to be hibernate based after all), and Controller, all written, but eclipse drew red lines all over the Java code between the <% %> brackets in my code. There set up also had Stack Traces disabled, with a nice error page saying (Whoops its broken), instead of the useful info on what went wrong.

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